Year 7 Musical Production

7 November 2022
Senior School

There is nothing quite like performing in a musical if you want to push yourself out of your comfort zone, have the time of your life, and make memories to last a lifetime.

Especially when the musical involves a whole cohort, with every aspect of the show designed and created by the students. In Term 4, Macquarie’s Year 7 students performed their creation of The Dream Keepers and the Golden Orb - an all encompassing design project that involved script writing, costume, program and set design, acting, dancing and singing.

This cohort has had the privilege of being the first group at Macquarie to undertake this project as part of their Mandatory Technology course. Hopefully, they have started a Year 7 tradition that will continue for years to come. Throughout the process, students have documented their ideas for costumes, set and programs in their design folios, which will form part of their assessment for this course. All students have worked with choreographer Rhiannon Griffith to learn a dance in House groups. Students have gained skills in digital media, using Canva to design program pages. Costumes were created within the design brief provided for each realm, with students encouraged to reuse and repurpose wherever possible.

Congratulations to each student for the part they played and to Mrs Brooke Taylor, Director extraordinaire, and her team, for pulling this off.

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