The Macquarie Parents & Friends Association

The Macquarie Anglican Grammar Parents and Friends Association (Macquarie P&F) is a voluntary group which provides a forum for parent discussion, social and educational occasions for parents, fundraising activities, and other support to the school as required.

Membership of the P&F is open to all parents and friends of students at the school from Pre-Kindergarten to Year 12 at any stage of the year.

Community & Connection

The focus of our P&F is communication and connection; nurturing a friendly and welcoming community with our school families, school and the wider community for the benefit of their children’s overall development and learning. 

The P&F is particularly instrumental in welcoming new parents into the school community via morning teas, dinners and social gatherings.



Income from fees and fundraising are used to support social and community activities and to provide resources and opportunities for enriching the environment of the school and students.

The P&F committee fundraising efforts have contributed to a broad range of items that have been beautiful additions to the school community, including supporting the Creative and Performing Arts program with a grand piano, the installation of three water bottle refill stations and a $50,000 contribution by the P&F to the Henderson Hall Air Conditioning upgrade completed in 2024. 

The P&F welcomes ideas and support from the Macquarie community for future fundraising items and ideas. Connect with us at:


P&F Meetings

P&F Meetings are generally held on the Tuesday of the third week each term at 6.00pm.

All are welcome to attend, and to cater to everyone’s busy lives we host the meetings in a hybrid format in the Boardroom at the school Office and via Zoom.

An email is sent to all parents with the meeting link and agenda, and the following minutes will be made available on the Macquarie P&F page on the website and in the newsletter.  

Meeting Dates for 2024

Term 1 - Tuesday 13 February, 6.00pm Boardroom and Zoom
Term 2 - Tuesday 14 May, 6.00pm Boardroom and Zoom
Term 3 - Tuesday 6 August, 6.00pm  Boardroom and Zoom
Term 4 - Tuesday 29 October, 6.00pm Boardroom and Zoom

 You can view the Macquarie P&F Association Constitution here.


P&F Committee


President Mary Nushaj
Vice President Lyndal Cook
Secretary Tammy Batho
Treasurer Yvette Lloyd
Junior School Representative Terrilee Amatto
Senior School Representative  Sally Murray
Boarding Representative  Helen Smith



Many hands make light work, our Sub-committees allow members to assist in certain aspects or projects run by the P&F and are an amazing extension of the Executive Committee.


Toongi Lamb Bill Williamson, Emma Small, Fergus Job and Sarah Christian
Colour Fun Run

Sarah Christian and Alison Attenborough

Easter Raffle

Melissa Crawley

Mums' Lunch

Kate Wade, Joanna Linehan and Hannah Boland

Pie Drive Sally Jenkins