Year 5 Camp 2022

14 November 2022
Junior School

Year 5 arrived at school on Wednesday 26 October, bright-eyed and ready to embark on their first camp in three years to Broken Bay!

Day one was mainly travel with students having to go by both land and sea to reach our destination. Broken Bay is a Sport and Recreation facility nestled on a shoreline along the Hawkesbury River. The wait for the ferry allowed us to stretch our legs after the long bus trip. On arrival at the camp we were greeted by our leaders for the next three days and shown our accommodation. 

Ready to seize their first full day at camp, Year 5 rose before the sun and the teachers. On Thursday, students fine tuned their team working capabilities through the initiatives activities. These skills would serve them throughout the rest of the day. The students out shone the teachers in archery with five students landing bulls-eyes whilst the teachers went digging through the scrub to locate their arrows. Whilst the weather was a little fresh it did not stop Year 5 from jumping in the water during beach games. Raft building was a combination of creativity and chaos. Students used their team working skills to create and race rafts from one end of the pool to the other.

Friday was our final day at camp and again the students were up well before the sun. To begin our morning we tested our map reading skills with a few rounds of orienteering. It is safe to say that our map topic in Mathematics really paid off. Before boarding the ferry back, Year 5 split into two groups with one returning to archery and the second casting a line along the pier. 

We are incredibly proud of Year 5 for stepping out of their comfort zones, trying something new and conducting themselves in a manner that all of Macquarie would be proud of.


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