Year 10 Step-Up Program

4 December 2022
Senior School

Macquarie is excited to introduce a Step-Up Program for students in Year 10, commencing next week.

In addition to participating in Interest Based Electives, students in Year 10 will attend Step-Up classes for the English and Mathematics courses that they have chosen to study in Stage 6 in 2023.

In Mathematics students will be divided into groups based on the level of Mathematics they have indicated they will be studying next year. Advanced and Standard Mathematics students will be looking at the knowledge that is assumed they are familiar with before entering the course. The focus will be on algebraic techniques, application of equations and graphing.

Numeracy students will explore the numeracy involved in areas of interest related to careers, sport, recreation and hobbies. Lessons may include game style challenges, practical tasks and creative activities.

The Step-Up English seminars will look at the fundamental ideas of composition and reception. The modules will be demystified. Students will understand what the key verbs for HSC English mean and what they are asking them to do. This is a skill that is crucial to coming to grips with HSC questions for Standard, Advanced and Extension English. Analysis and writing will be practised in light of the demands of Years 11 and 12.

Macquarie is thrilled to be able to introduce this program as students prepare for Stage 6 in 2023.

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