Wellbeing Framework Blog

1 March 2023

Head of Wellbeing – Mr Wade Richardson
Nurturing Positive Emotions using PERMA+.

Positive Emotions refers to the experience of joy, contentment and satisfaction.

They play a crucial role in helping us to maintain a positive outlook on life and to feel connected to others. At Macquarie, we are committed to promoting positive emotions and creating an environment that fosters joy and contentment.

In recent weeks, we have been implementing a new positive-focused initiative in Tutor and Core classes. Our goal is to encourage students and teachers to take a moment and reflect on their accomplishments and successes from the past week. By focusing on 'What Went Well', we aim to shift our attention from the negative to the positive, harnessing the power of optimism and resilience.

It's scientifically proven that our brains have a natural inclination towards negative experiences. By taking the time to highlight and appreciate our positive experiences, we are able to counteract this negativity bias, helping us to maintain a more balanced outlook even during challenging times. This exercise in gratitude and positivity not only boosts our mood, but also has a positive impact on our motivation and perseverance. 

There are many ways that families can encourage positive emotions at home, including:

  • Encouraging family members to engage in activities that bring them joy and fulfillment
  • Creating a positive home environment that celebrates successes and achievements, both big and small
  • Acknowledging and recognising the hard work and efforts of each family member
  • Fostering strong family relationships through regular communication, shared activities and quality time together
  • Practising gratitude by taking time to reflect on the positive aspects of each day
  • Encouraging physical activity and exercise, which can boost mood and overall wellbeing
  • Supporting emotional wellbeing through open and honest communication, active listening and empathy.

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