Tut Roadshow

18 April 2023
Senior School

Our Year 7 HSIE students had the opportunity to attend the Tut Roadshow, an interactive travelling roadshow that gives students the chance to explore the ancient world, as part of their ‘Ancient Egypt’ unit in Term 1.

The roadshow is housed in a purpose-built semitrailer that brings the wonders of Ancient Egypt into schools. The truck is equipped with state-of-the-art multimedia displays, making it a full sensory learning experience for the students. Students are taken on a virtual tour to the archaeological site of Tutankhamun and get to view and handle objects that were made thousands of years ago. They can examine accurate replicas and learn their significance today.

During the roadshow, Year 7 had a chance to explore the burial room of King Tut's tomb and decipher the paintings on the walls. They learned how to read and write using Ancient Egyptian techniques and even uncovered a skull and ancient artefacts using tools just like Howard Carter did. The students made their own ancient seals, like Ancient Egyptian pharaohs and nobles, which added a hands-on learning element to the experience.

The Tut Roadshow is a unique and immersive way to teach students about Ancient History. It offers an opportunity to learn about a fascinating time period in an engaging and interactive way. The students had a fantastic time and would like to extend their gratitude to the Tut Roadshow and the Year 7 HSIE teachers for making this an unforgettable learning experience.

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