Podcasting Workshop

3 March 2023

On Wednesday 15 February, Year 10 students participated in a podcasting workshop at Macquarie.

Mrs Camilla Ward and Mrs Sharon Quill from the ‘Cam and Shaz Show’ presented their experiences in creating and producing their podcast for DCFM 88.9. They discussed the layout, content, editing, promotion and technology needed to produce an entertaining and successful podcast.

Camilla and Sharon’s segment about the ‘Goodens’ on their show, showcases people in the Dubbo region that are doing kind and interesting things to support our community and is the stimulus for the Term 1 assessment. Students are studying Growing up Asian in Australia, an anthology edited by Alice Pung, that celebrates and highlights the experiences of this community. Alice Pung, Camilla Ward and Sharon Quill are passionate about building up the social capital of their communities; to celebrate the "quiet little successes and joys". Each student will develop and produce a podcast that tells the story of a person from our Central Western region who is adding value to our region. Their podcast will create a personal and intellectual connection with the listener. Ultimately, they will represent their profile person’s deeply held values and ideals and the impact that they have in the Central West in a manner that captivates and uplifts the listening audience!

A big thank you to Camilla and Sharon for presenting an engaging workshop and ‘raising the vibe’ in preparation for our assessment.

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