Pink Stumps Day

15 September 2023

Pink Stumps Day served as the final fundraising event for our 2023 Year 12 students’ chosen charity, the McGrath Foundation.

The McGrath Foundation is dedicated to raising funds for McGrath Breast Care Nurses, who offer essential support and care to both women and men grappling with breast cancer.

The day of the cricket match was adorned with Pink Stumps and pink Zooper Doopers for everyone in attendance. The match kicked off with 'A teams' for both the teachers and the students, and all were geared up for a spirited competition. A heartfelt expression of gratitude was extended to all the students who lent their support to the event by incorporating a touch of pink into their attire and contributing a gold coin donation.

The event not only showcased the spirit of friendly competition, but also highlighted the unity and support extended by the school community towards a noble cause.

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