Meet Imani!

29 August 2022

Exciting News! In August 2022, Taronga Western Plains Zoo introduced three beautiful new lionesses and Macquarie was invited to sponsor and name one of the cubs.

Students participated in a cub naming competition with guidelines including:

  • The name needed to be of African origin and respectful to the culture
  • Have a nice meaning when translated
  • Be easy to pronounce and use on a day to day basis for training
  • Avoid names used in film and on TV.

The name ‘Imani’, meaning ‘Faith’ in Swahili, was chosen. We are thrilled that this ‘pawfect’ little cub has a name that means ‘Faith’, which is the cornerstone of our school’s foundation. It is certainly a good reason to visit the zoo to see ‘Faith in action’! (And of course, her siblings Amali and Mara too). 

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