Life Outside the Classroom

9 September 2022
Senior School

Our Years 7 to 9 students returned from their camps in Term 3 with huge smiles!

School camps are another spoke in the wheel of our school curriculum. Providing opportunities for social interaction, interactions with nature and learning life lessons and skills outside the classroom.

Year 7 students spent time at Camp Somerset, while Year 8 students took on the Urban Challenge in Sydney. Year 8 students cooked food for the homeless, completed a sandcastle challenge and some even braved the water for a swim at Iceberg’s pool while navigating their way around the city.

While Year 9 students travelled to Somerset on the Colo River. Students were divided into groups and spent their days hiking, canoeing, completing initiatives and cooking!

Mrs Marina Simcox, Acting Deptuy Head, said, “As a teacher and parent, I left each camp with a huge smile on my face and a sense of pride in our amazing students.”

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