Stage 6 HSIE Excursion

16 November 2022
Senior School

Our Year 12 Society and Culture and Modern History class went on an excursion to Sydney to explore the Jewish Museum and attend a Personal Interest Project information day in Term 4.

After arriving in Sydney, the students went straight to the Jewish Museum where they were greeted by staff and taken to the board room to complete a session with an expert on analysing historical sources. After a look around the museum, students were given an amazing opportunity to speak with survivors of the holocaust via the museum’s amazing new AI technology. The museum was an incredible experience for students (and staff) and we can’t wait to visit again!

After a delicious meal, a walk around the city and a great night's sleep, the students headed to the Wesley Conference Centre in the heart of the city to attend the Society and Culture Associations annual PIP Information Day. The PIP is a major research project taken by Year 12 Society and Culture students over the duration of their HSC. Along with another 1,200 students from across the state, students listened to some of the most experienced Society and Culture teachers give their advice on how to complete an amazing PIP. The day was an amazing insight for students and will be extremely helpful throughout the creation of their PIPs.

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