Grandparents' Day 2022

24 October 2022
Junior School

One of the most treasured events on our annual calendar is Grandparents' Day!

Our Macquarie Junior School was thrilled to host this event again after three years of COVID-19 disruption, and overwhelmed by the incredible response from grandparents and families in attendance. It is amazing to realise how important and fulfilling these days can be for everyone - sharing in classroom learning, enjoying a picnic on a beautiful day, seeing old friends and meeting new ones, and watching with immense pride as our students performed on stage.

Our day began with grandparents, families and special friends in the classrooms. Students were interviewing their visitors, working together, sharing work samples and artworks and chatting about school life. Questions like ‘What was your favourite subject at school?’, ‘Did you write with pencils or pens?’, and ‘Did your classroom look the same?’ were asked and conversations and stories flowed. A common thread throughout the day was the love they had for their children and grandchildren – our Macquarie Junior School students.

The performances at our Grandparents' Day concert were incredible and they did not only entertain the grandparents, but also made them feel special. The unveiling of our new grand piano from the P&F was truly the icing on the cake, and showed the strength and unity of our Macquarie community.

Grandparents' Day is an opportunity to show our love and appreciation for all the things our grandparents do for their grandchildren and families. It’s also a beautiful opportunity to remember those we’ve lost or couldn’t join us face to face. It is a special day for connecting with each other and to thank our families for being the caring, loving people they are - making our lives richer.


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