Macquarie Anglican Grammar School endeavours to develop our four pillars of Faith, Community, Character and Excellence through a strong Wellbeing program. Wellbeing is achieved through the development of positive psychology, social and emotional learning, health, faith and service to others. Wellbeing can be enhanced in an environment that fosters a sense of belonging and equips students with the skills to manage the changes and challenges of life.  

The five key elements of Wellbeing at Macquarie are:

  1. Faith: Spiritual development is a core component of the Macquarie experience. Our school community is built on values of faith, community, character and excellence, providing students with a strong moral foundation to navigate life's challenges. Through meaningful religious education and opportunities for worship and reflection, we encourage children to explore their beliefs and discover their place in the world, fostering a sense of purpose and fulfillment.
  2. Positive Psychology: At Macquarie, we are inspired by the pioneering work of renowned psychologist Martin Seligman. Our approach to positive psychology is rooted in evidence-based practices that enhance student wellbeing. Through engaging curriculum and supportive environments, we help children discover their unique strengths and talents. By focusing on the positive aspects of life, we empower them to overcome challenges with resilience and optimism, ensuring a bright and fulfilling future.
  3.  Social and Emotional Learning: Embracing the latest research and best practices in social and emotional development, our approach at Macquarie is deeply rooted in fostering the whole child. Drawing from the expertise of organisations like Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL), we prioritise the cultivation of essential life skills. In our nurturing environment, students gain valuable tools such as self-awareness, empathy and self-management. Encouraged to express themselves authentically, children form meaningful connections with peers and educators, laying a strong foundation for lifelong emotional wellbeing.
  4. Health: At Macquarie, we understand the importance of physical health in supporting overall wellbeing. Our school promotes healthy lifestyles through our PDHPE curriculum and includes many avenues for engaging in physical activity including our sport programs and Co-curricular opportunities. By instilling healthy habits from a young age, we empower students to make informed choices that benefit their bodies and minds for years to come.
  5. Service: Giving back to the community is an integral part of the Macquarie ethos. Through service-learning projects and volunteer opportunities, students learn the value of compassion, empathy and social responsibility. Whether it's organising charity events, participating in community activities, or supporting local causes, our students make a positive impact on the world around them, instilling a sense of pride and fulfillment in their contributions.
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