Senior School

In our Senior School we aim to provide a rich and diverse learning curricular designed to develop students according to their individual needs. We offer a range of tailored learning programs catering for both the academic and social development of our students. We understand that learning is a diverse narrative where students need to be challenged with problematic knowledge to develop understanding that encourages critical reflection.

Senior School curricular focuses on providing students with 21st century communication skills that foster knowledge integration with the world outside the classroom. Our 1-1 learning program is founded on the understanding of today’s learner and the need for connectedness. This develops authenticity in the learner experience. Academic assessment of students is centred on providing explicit quality criteria whilst having high expectations of students' direction and ability to self-regulate in a supportive and caring learning setting. Classrooms are inclusive and foster a nurturing approach to challenging higher order thinking.

The foundations for a safe, supportive and connected senior school are formed through the house and tutor program. There are 4 houses at Macquarie: Dunlop, Chisholm, Cuthbert and Flynn which participate in a range of activities in the senior school revolving around 3 key components:

  1. School service
  2. Student wellbeing
  3. House spirit

Each of these components are integrated into the day to day lives of students at Macquarie aiming to foster a sense of belonging and ownership over the physical and social environments around the school.

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