At Macquarie Anglican Grammar School, our Co-curricular Framework is multifaceted and focused on developing in our students the skills to live out our mission of being resilient young people who make a difference in the world through our values of Faith, Community, Character and Excellence.

The Co-curricular program is an extension of our Teaching and Learning Framework. It provides a range of experiences designed to build resilience, resourcefulness, reflectiveness and relational skills. Students find motivation through their engagement in a range of exciting activities, enhancing their sense of self, community and belonging.


Our Co-curricular Framework can be split into five distinct programs: 

  1. Outdoor Education
    The Macquarie Outdoor Education program commences in Stage 1 with a sleepover at school. Students in each year group through to Year 12 take place in a range of programs that develop various skills and provide students with a range of opportunities to engage with environments that will challenge them and see them grow through both personal and physical development.
  2. Creative and Performing Arts
    The Macquarie Creative and Performing Arts program is accessible to all students from Pre-Kindergarten to Year 12. Its focus is to provide opportunities for students to discover ways to express themselves through various art forms, including instrumental and vocal music, clubs and competitions, exhibitions, and performance opportunities. The program is designed to develop skills across the arts, build confidence and a sense of community and belonging.
  3. Recreational Sport
    The Macquarie Recreational Sports program commences in Pre-Kindergarten. Its focus is to develop our students' skills and habits that will encourage them to be active for life. The program exposes students to individual and team sports that will enable them to build confidence, develop friendships and find a lifetime of enjoyment and health.
  4. Competitive Sport
    The Macquarie Competitive Sports program is designed to develop pathways for our students to participate in elite competition across a broad range of sports. This program will include strength and conditioning, diet and nutrition advice, and individual sport-based training and pathways to competition at the highest levels.
  5. Agriculture 
    Agriculture forms a vital part of our Co-curricular Framework through our engagement in showing cattle. Macquarie has, in a short space of time, thanks to the work of key staff, students and parents and the support of a local stud, achieved a great deal across a range of local shows and, more broadly, at the Sydney Royal Easter Show. Perhaps our two most impressive awards were the Grand Champion Female and the Most Successful Exhibitor at the 2021 Dubbo Show. Alongside the show team portion of agriculture is the role a school such as Macquarie must play in partnership with the Agricultural industry in exposing our students to and developing within them the industry's skills and practices.