Sport is an integral part of our student's overall development and Macquarie offers all available pathways and opportunities in both their junior and senior schooling. Macquarie seeks to provide students with opportunity to represent the school in all avenues and pathways available.

The focus in Junior School is very much participation and enjoyment. Sportsmanship and fair play are key aspects of the program in these early years. The program becomes far more extensive in Senior School with our association with WAS and AICES. Consequently a more competitive focus can be expected in Senior School.

Macquarie House Carnivals: 3 carnivals are held each year - Swimming, Cross Country and Athletics.  These carnivals are a tremendous opportunity for students to participate at their own level in a non-threatening environment.  This is the first step towards representation as the Macquarie teams are selected from the school carnivals.

Representative Carnivals: HICES (Junior School) and WAS (Senior School) allow for further representation in Swimming, Cross Country and Athletics and a variety of team and individual sports.


Senior School students have the opportunity to participate in the Inter School Sports Competition and gala days as well as trial as individuals for WAS, AICES and CIS teams in different sports. There are also a number of representative carnivals in Swimming, Cross Country, Athletics and Triathlon.

The representative pathway for senior students is:

Macquarie > WAS > AICES > CIS > All Schools > Nationals

Some Sports require the full pathway, in others, students can trial directly at AICES or CIS level. For these trials, students must be playing a high representative level in order to trial as they are competing against students from a number of different schools in the Independent system.  Students are required to arrange their own transport to the venues.

Sports available at the different representative levels:

WAS: Basketball, Hockey, Touch Football, Netball, Soccer, Swimming, Cross Country, Athletics

AICES: Rugby, Soccer, Tennis, Softball, Swimming, Cross Country and Athletics, Cricket, Water Polo

CIS: Baseball, Softball, Cricket (Opens and 15’s), Water Polo, Hockey, Golf, Rugby League, Volleyball, Swimming, Cross Country, Athletics, Volleyball

NSW All Schools: Triathlon (and above sports if student progresses from CIS level)

Senior Representative Association Information



For specific information regarding Senior School contact Mr Wade Richardson: ph. 68416222 Email:


Uniform: All representative teams play in the full Macquarie PE/sports uniform or specific team playing shirts. There are uniform levies associated with students trialling for CIS representative teams. When it is not possible to pay in advance these are all billed to school fees to avoid exchange of cash.

AICES / CIS Trials: Due to the competitive nature of trialling at high levels of sport, students who wish to trial for HICES, AICES or CIS level sports, must be playing a high level of representative sport to be deemed eligible for nomination. Students will be required to provide a full representative history to the Sports Coordinator before the closing date for nominations. In the event that we gain a greater number of nominations than is permitted, the representative playing history will inform which students' nominations will be put forward. This process will be conducted in consultation with all of the PDHPE staff members.

Recognising Student Achievement: Student sporting achievements are highlighted through the year via assemblies, the school newsletter, website and Presentation Day.

Sporting Code of Behaviour

At Macquarie we aim to promote fair and equal participation for all students across a wide range of sporting events and carnivals. To further enhance our ability to provide this safe environment for participation we have developed a code of behaviour and code of conduct for parents and spectators at all Macquarie events.

We appreciate the support from our community in encouraging our students to achieve their personal best and ask that each community member please familiarise themselves with the Code of Behaviour and Code of Conduct by clicking the below link.


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Macquarie Representative Pathway Senior School Download
Parent and Community Code of Conduct - Sport Download