Independent and Advanced Learning Centres


The Independent Learning Centre (ILC) has 3 teaching and learning support staff. The roles of the support staff are to support students in their classroom learning environments and withdraw students to participate in one-on-one or small group interventions. These interventions are aimed at supporting students to achieve growth in their learning.

Senior School

Learning Support

Our highly trained Teaching and Learning Support staff assist those who require further assistance in developing their literacy and numeracy skills.  Teaching staff modify and enrich teaching and learning programs to facilitate independent learning, and where appropriate, develop an Individual Learning Plan tailored to meet the needs of the student.

Students in the Senior School are tested with a range of standardised tests to establish their learning needs upon entry to the School, and their progress is regularly monitored to ensure that they are striving to reach their potential.



The Advanced Learning Centre (ALC) comprises 4 classes at present: 2 classes in the Junior School and Stage 4 and 5 classes in the Senior School. The aim of these classes is to deliver content to students who are excelling in order to extend them beyond where they are currently working. Content will be compacted and delivered in a fast paced student centred learning environment.

Senior School

The Stage 4 class is capped at 25 students. This class is slightly more like a Junior School class in that students only have 2 specialist teachers who cover all content in English, Mathematics, Science, History and Geography. Students integrate back in with their cohort for the remainder of their subjects. The first round of Testing is Personal Aptitude Testing in literacy, numeracy and general abilities. This testing helps to identify appropriate candidates and further testing may be needed after the initial testing. These classes do have a competitive entry, as only a limited number of positions will be available each year.