Craig Mansour

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Craig Mansour

Mr Mansour brings to Macquarie Anglican Grammar School significant K-12 regional school experience. He is particularly committed to quality education for regional and rural students.

Christian education of young people is a great passion for Mr Mansour. He has worked in Anglican schools since 2000 and has worked with other Christian education and camping organisations since 1997.

Mr Mansour has experience and expertise in academic program development, with a particular focus on improving student engagement in the middle years of schooling through to the HSC. He led the development and implementation of a Trades Skills Centre at his previous school and has experience in the development of e-learning courses in the senior years to allow students greater study flexibility.

As well as teaching across a broad range of subject areas, from K-12, Mr Mansour has worked in the field of gifted education and learning support, and has led a significant redevelopment of the cultural and community programs at his previous school.

Mr Mansour has a Diploma of Teaching, a Bachelor of Education and is currently completing his Masters of Education (Educational Leadership).

Mr Mansour was previously Head of School, Shoalhaven Anglican School (a campus of Shoalhaven Region Anglican Schools) and Deputy Principal for Shoalhaven Region Anglican Schools. He was in this role for three years. Prior to this appointment, Mr Mansour was Head of Senior School and Head of Middle School for five years. He has also served as Executive Teacher at Shellharbour Anglican College and Coordinator of Individual Learning at All Saints’ College in Bathurst.