FLYNN (Blue)

Named after Rev John Flynn, founder of the Royal Flying Doctor Service.

Senior School Captains: Callan Webster and Boudicea Blatch

Junior School Captains: Ollie McDonald and Tully Millar



Named after Dr Edward "Weary" Dunlop, an outstanding leader and brilliant surgeon who saved the lives of many soldiers in a POW camp in World War II.

Senior School Captains: Ruthvik Gundapeini and Wusulu Yamba

Junior School Captains: Caitlin Cox and Penelope Knight



Named after Caroline Chisholm, who worked tirelessly in our early colony to provide help for those who were unable to help themselves.

Senior School Captains: Sam Kratzmann and Daniel Barber

Junior School Captains: Olivia Simcox and Luke Furney



Named after Betty Cuthbert, nicknamed "The Golden Girl" for her outstanding success as a sportsperson.

Senior School Captains: Erin Barclay and Taine Marchant

Junior School Captains: Tom Roth and Jack Arndell


Coordinators of Wellbeing - Senior School

Mr Andrew Thorne

Miss Fallon Wheeler