About Christianity


Our Christian Faith

We are a Christian school within the Anglican Schools Corporation, a part of the Sydney Diocese of the Anglican Church.

We welcome all families who are committed to supporting the ethos of our school. All students participate fully in the spiritual life of the school including Christian Development and Chapel. They are ministered to by the staff of the school who are led in this mission by the Headmaster and the Executive team.

Our school nurtures and educates young people in accordance with the doctrines, tenets, beliefs and teachings of the Anglican Church Diocese of Sydney.


If you would like to know more about Jesus

If you would like to read a summary click here to read a presentation called Two Ways to Live.

If you would like to watch a series of videos about what makes someone a Christian – click here

If you would like to read Mark’s biography of Jesus – click here

If you would like to hear a short talk titled "Who is Jesus?"  - click here 

or perhaps attend a service at one of our local Christian churches


Websites for students and parents

Are you looking for a great camp, Year 13 or to equip yourself for youth ministry?




Keep up to date with issues confronting Christians, and how our Archbishop tackles these with Biblical Insight:

Sydney Anglicans


For books and articles on all the latest issues visit:

Matthias Media

The Gospel Coalition



For journals with up to date information and for those who like to be stretched Biblically:

Matthias Media 


These are the churches that some of our school community attends:

Dubbo Anglican Church

Narromine Anglican Church

Dubbo Presbyterian Church

Dubbo Baptist Church

Generocity Church