Teaching and Learning

At Macquarie, all of our teaching staff are passionate professionals.

Our teachers endeavour to provide an enriching learning setting for each student. Staff consistently reflect on and revise practice, using a variety of data to assess each student’s needs. This student feedback is then used to create customised learning solutions for our students.

Our Advanced Learning Centre (ALC) is a space where students can learn in a more flexible environment. Our teachers within the ALC use a holistic approach to cross-curricular knowledge. The aim of the ALC is to deliver content to students who are excelling in order to extend them beyond the level of a mainstream classroom. Content is compacted and delivered in a fast paced, student centred learning environment.

Our Independent Learning Centre (ILC) is designed to assist students who have additional learning needs. Our teachers assess individual student needs and apply for tailored support for students accordingly. This includes methods such as scheduling teacher’s aide time, mentoring by senior students and partnering with external agencies.