Macquarie Participation Program

The Macquarie Participation Program encourages students to participate in a range of programs and activities which will enhance opportunities for them to become well-rounded young men and women. Through their involvement in the MPP students earn points in four domains:

1.      Sporting Domain (Play Something New)

2.      Cultural and Artistic Domain (Perform Something New)

3.      Personal Excellence and Community Service Domain (Be Something New)

4.      Academic Achievement and Improvement Domain (Learn Something New)

Students are awarded points for their participation in each of the domains (Play, Perform, Be, or Learn) and these are recorded in their school diary. The accumulation of points leads to the presentation of badges at successive levels. These badges are awarded fortnightly at the Principal’s Assembly.

15 points = red badge

30 points = blue badge

60 points = green badge

120 points = yellow badge

Students continue to collect points for the duration of their school enrolment. Medallions are awarded to students who have attained badges in multiple domains. Medallions are awarded at the end of year Presentation Day.

3 blue + 1 red badge = Macquarie Medallion

3 yellow + 1 green = Medallion of Honour.