Independent and Advanced Learning Centres


The Independent Learning Centre (ILC) has 3 teaching and learning support staff. The roles of the support staff are to support students in their classroom learning environments and withdraw students to participate in one-on-one or small group interventions. These interventions aim to support students to achieve growth in their learning. 

Junior School

     1. Learning Support

 At Macquarie, we offer Learning Support for students from Pre-Kindergarten to Year 12 who are diagnosed or identified as having learning difficulties. This support comes in the form of:

  • Special provision for examinations
  • Learning Support Plans to assist teachers in understanding students
  • Teacher’s Aide time in classrooms
  • Withdrawal of students for programs and interventions including MiniLit, Multi-Lit, Centre for Effective Reading and to support senior students with assessment tasks
  • Applications for support to outside agencies e.g. Mission Australia, Barnardos, BOSTES for special provisions for NAPLAN and HSC 

This support aims to work with students and families to ensure that all students can access learning on the same basis.


   2. Literacy and Numeracy

At Macquarie Anglican Grammar School we use a "flexible progression" model for the vitally important areas of literacy and numeracy. Our model is based on the educational philosophy that students of the same age have different learning needs and abilities.   Our flexible progression model allows students to progress as they master literacy and numeracy concepts and it is now considered best practice in Primary School education.

Organising classes using this flexible progression model allows for benefits such as:

  • Peer assisted learning
  • Leadership development
  • Mentoring
  • More focused instruction
  • Students working at the right ability level
  • Experienced improvement in academic results

The literacy and numeracy classes from Stages 1 to 3 allow the students to work within their own ability.



The Advanced Learning Centre (ALC) comprises 4 classes at present: 2 classes in the Junior School and Stage 4 and Stage 5 classes in the Senior School. The aim of these classes is to deliver content to students who are excelling in order to extend them beyond where they are currently working. Content is compacted and delivered in a fast paced student centred learning environment.

Junior School

The ALC has a Stage 2 and a Stage 3 class. Each class comprises 22 students. In order to gain entry a student initially needs to apply after which testing will be conducted. The first round of Testing is Personal Aptitude Testing in literacy, numeracy and general abilities. This testing helps to identify appropriate candidates and further testing may be needed after the initial testing. These classes do have a competitive entry, as only a limited number of positions will be available each year.