Year 6 Peer Support Leadership Training

Year 6 Peer Support Leadership Training

23 March 2017

For 2 days during Week 8, Year 6 students participated in Leadership Training. This training aimed to set the students up with the skills required to successfully facilitate sessions with a multi aged group of approximately 8-10 students from Kindergarten to Year 5.

Peer Support provides students with a supportive learning environment in which to develop the skills, understandings, attitudes and strategies to improve mental wellbeing. It develops key skills in resilience, assertiveness, decision making, problem solving and leadership. The aim of the Peer Support program is to empower young people to support each other and contribute positively to society.

 “One of the highlights of Peer Support training was that we got to work together as a group to complete the activities. We also learnt different listening skills as a big group. We got to listen to each other’s opinions on the activities. One of the activities we enjoyed the most was when we had to work together as a team to get across a pretend river with only two pieces of newspaper.”

- Lilli and Isabel


Miss Bennet and Mrs Dixon

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