Wins for HICES Debaters

Wins for HICES Debaters

5 April 2018

This week the three Macquarie debating teams travelled to All Saints in Bathurst to compete in the third round of the HICES competition. It was a great day with two teams winning.

So far this year the teams had not been successful but after further practise and training they were ready to go that one step further.

Our Year 7/8 team, consisting of Charlotte Hamilton, Kate Turnbull, Isaac Caldin and Sophie Barber, with Sarah Thornton along for support were first up. They had spent many hours preparing for their topic: ‘Changing the date of Australia Day would be of no benefit to our Indigenous population’ for which they were arguing the negative. The team had prepared excellent arguments and all that hard work and lunchtimes paid off. The team won their debate. They were very happy and received great praise from the adjudicator. This was their final debate for the competition so it was a great finish.

The Year 9/10 team of Josh Howes, Sophie Stephens, Erin Barclay and Angel Newham also won their debate. Their topic was ‘That texting is trashing the English language’ and they only had an hour to prepare their negative arguments. It was fantastic for Sophie and Josh to have a win in their first ever debate and for Angel as it was her second ever debate. Well done to Erin who has been a leader in debating at MAGS and has helped train the new students in the finer skills of this competition.

The Opens team of Willis Olney, Isabella Tipping, Boudicea Blatch and Jack Benias also competed well in their debate. Their topic was ‘That AI has more benefits than threats’ and again, they only had an hour to prepare and were expected to speak for about 8 minutes each. Unfortunately they lost in a close debate. Congratulations to these four students who have stepped up to compete in a higher age level.

It is fantastic to see so many students participating in debating this year, and even more asking to be involved in the future. I’m sure we will continue to see success.

Inala Childs

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