Wellbeing in the Senior School

Wellbeing in the Senior School

9 May 2018

Recently a variety of wellbeing initiatives and activities have taken place in the Senior School. On Monday 7 May Dubbo Community Health visited students in Year 9 to deliver the "Love Bites" program.

This program addresses issues around domestic violence, sexual assault, consent and the law. Students viewed scenarios and discussed concepts developing skills and increasing their knowledge across a broad spectrum of topics. The day was concluded with a BBQ cooked by some members of the Duke of Edinburgh class.

During tutor group, students participate in student led activities once a fortnight. Students are broken into small groups and are led by senior members of their house. This term students are working together on team building activities from a resource created by NSW Sport and Recreation. Whilst some students and leaders are embracing this initiative, others are taking their time to warm up to challenges presented.

As we move into the year we are implementing a new reward system. This is in the early stages, however staff have been giving reward points for positive student behaviour and contributions. Updates will be provided as this system falls into place.

If your child is having difficulties at school socially or with their wellbeing please contact me in the Senior School. The best way to do this at this stage is via email at claire.goodall@mags.nsw.edu.au. Alternatively, please encourage your child to come and see me in the G Block staff room.

I'll end this week's report with a riddle: "What has a face two hands but no arms or legs?" The answer will be provided next newsletter.


Miss Claire Goodall

Senior School Welfare Coordinator

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