Students excited about Shrek JR adventure

Students excited about Shrek JR adventure

3 October 2017

Our Macquarie Anglican Grammar School community is eagerly anticipating the new musical production of Shrek JR the Musical to be presented in Term 1, 2018.

The search for a musical to present commenced in May this year. Considering ideas for possible shows,

applying for and reading scripts, listening to musical scores and then making an application for the rights was quite a process.

Students from Junior through to Senior School are excited that this project is now underway, after waiting with anticipation for the approved licence and royalties to be granted and the musical choice to be announced.

Our school’s licence was granted in early September. We then announced the musical to the community and commenced auditions towards the end of Term 3. The casting process is now well underway. 

We have already started enjoying some of the music from the show with students engaging in “sing-a-longs” during the auditions. Students have displayed increased confidence and interest as a result of the very successful 2016 “Seussical JR” musical, meaning that casting is difficult!

The students are enthusiastic and already displaying their various talents during the auditions. We already have some fantastic talent at Macquarie and we are discovering further talent as the auditions continue. This is a sure sign that the musical journey will again be a fantastic adventure and deliver an engaging and exciting performance for our audiences.

Many new students are keen to be more involved with “Shrek JR” in various ways. The musical is a great opportunity for our school community to come together and develop different skills and talents. It is very rewarding to see students enjoy each other’s company, while working together to help each other show off their skills. Whilst there is lots of work to be done, the lessons learnt along the way while working together are certainly worth the effort to achieve the end goal!

Final auditions will take place in Week 1, Term 4. Casting will be finalised in Week 3 after the Creative and Performing Arts Night on 26 October, after which rehearsals will commence. We look forward to you following the musical journey leading up to the performances in Week 10, Term 1 2018. Mark the dates in your calendar now: 6-8 April 2018.


Ms Julia Marshall

Drama Teacher

Category: Community