Stage 1 Sleepover

Stage 1 Sleepover

By Admin on 23 November 2018

Stage One had a wonderful time last Friday night when they slept over at school. 

The students arrived at 6 o’clock and set up their sleeping bags, mattresses, pillows and favourite cuddly toys. The parents’ said goodbye and they did not cry as they drove out the gate.

The students had pizza, ice blocks, chips and a fruit popper for dinner and then settled down to watch the two movies ‘Blinkie Bill’ and ‘Odd Ball’. After the first movie, we had intermission and everyone went to the toilet, cleaned their teeth and climbed into bed to watch the second movie. Some went to sleep very quickly but others took a while to go to sleep after the movie finished.

The next morning many students began to stir before 5 o’clock and by 6 o’clock, they were all awake. Mrs Job put some stories and cartoons on so they could lay back in their swags and watch them. Soon the parents arrived to take them all home for breakfast.

Stage One Staff

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