Primary Industries Work Placement Report

Primary Industries Work Placement Report

By Admin on 31 October 2018

Year 11 Primary Industries students spent a week on work placement in the first week of this term. This was the first of two weeks compulsory work placement for the course which will credit the students with a Certificate II in Agriculture. Students made contact beforehand with the farm / business managers and owners to arrange all of the details of their working week. Work placement gives students valuable hands-on experience and understanding of working Agribusinesses and farms, broadens their knowledge and understanding of agriculture and enables them to apply knowledge and skills acquired at school.




I spent the week at Pioneer seeds in Narromine with Jack and Dave. I drove around Narromine with Jack looking at canola crops to determine what spray we need and what stage the crops are in. Also we Planted a crop of corn out at a farm called Bennelong. I learned a different side of agronomy allowing me to further my knowledge in agriculture.



For my Primary Industries work placement I spent the week at the Overflow in Warren with John and Chris. We sowed about 80 hectares of cotton and watched it start to grow. I started my first few siphons whilst irrigating on the Thursday. It rained on and off on the Wednesday so we didn't go out and do anything. Mr Thorne called in for a catch up over lunch on the Friday after we had finished washing the utes and fixing a side step.



I spent the week with Garry Lane. I went around to his clients property and had a look at their crops and he was telling them what they need to do before his next visit for example spraying to get rid of bugs and weed without killing the crops. The crops I had a look at were chickpeas, canola, wheat and cattle feed that Garry was sowing. I also went to the cattle sale on Thursday. This week has broadened my understanding of Primary Industries.



Throughout the week of work placement, I participated in numerous activities within the production of cotton at Agriland Trangie with Jim Bible. The activities I participated in included starting siphon hoses to irrigate crops; preparing paddocks for upcoming planting with a tractor and speedtiller; learning about the different chemicals used within the spray rigs; checking crop paddocks for the different stages of growth and moisture levels; and forming a basic understanding with the water management through the property. I really enjoyed the week as it broaden my understanding within the agriculture industry and assisted within numerous topics in Primary Industries.


Mr Andrew Thorne

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