Peer Support

Peer Support

27 June 2017

Peer Support has been a great success in Term 2 and will continue in Term 3. The students have learnt a lot during their sessions.

Session 1:

Peer Support lessons commenced this week. The whole of Junior School participates in Peer Support for 30 minutes each session. Year 6 Peer Leaders facilitate a small group of 8-10 students from Kindergarten to Year 5, who work together through a number of structured activities. Each teacher supervises 2-3 groups in their classroom.

This year they are working on a module called Promoting Harmony, helping to define individual and community values, build relationships and improve decision making skills. The module runs for 8 sessions.

Session 2:

During Peer Support this week children looked at a notion that what they choose to spend their time on often reflects the values that they have. The activities also assisted them to identify ways that they care for themselves and others. This developed their understanding that you are caring when you notice the feelings and needs of yourself and others.

Session 3:

This week in Peer Support the children participated in activities to help them to identify and accept differences in people. Children also identified ways that they can demonstrate being caring through their actions.

Session 4:

Respect was the focus of the Peer Support sessions this week. Through various activities the children identified what it means to have respect and discussed ways in which they can demonstrate respect for others. Students completed a maze comprising scenarios where the children needed to select the correct way to respond to a situation.

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