Kinder Red learn about bones

Kinder Red learn about bones

8 March 2017

On 8 March 2017 Kinder Red was lucky enough to have Natalie McConochie (mother of Hattie Canning) come in and speak to our class about our bodies, bones and what happens when they break. Natalie showed the class x-ray photos of broken bones and then demonstrated how to put on an arm cast.


We learnt about the smallest bones in our bodies, our largest bones and our protective bones. The class then demonstrated their knowledge of bones by creating some fantastic x-ray drawings. The most exciting part of the afternoon was when we played doctors and had the opportunity to plaster each other’s fingers!

Thank you Natalie for your help this afternoon. The class learnt a lot and I’m sure many students have been inspired to move into the medical field when they grow up. 


Fallon Wheeler

Kinder Red Teacher

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