Junior School Wellbeing Update

Junior School Wellbeing Update

By Admin on 31 October 2018

A Day for Daniel - Australia's Biggest Child Safety Day

On Friday 26 October the Junior School of Macquarie participated in ‘A Day for Daniel – Australia’s Biggest Safety Day’. Students supported the event by wearing red clothes and by donating a gold coin. All proceeds from the fundraiser went towards the Daniel Morcombe Foundation.

A Day for Daniel is Australia’s largest child safety awareness and education day.

The focus of the day was educating students about personal safety, including: understanding feelings; recognising the physical responses the body has when feeling unsafe; body ownership; and identifying safe adults who can keep them safe.


Keeping kids safe is the responsibility of adults however research shows that teaching children personal safety skills can play an important role in the prevention of harm. We encourage all parents to engage in conversations with their children about personal safety. If you are looking for some resources as a starting point for these conversations I would encourage you to visit the Daniel Morcombe Foundation Website https://www.danielmorcombe.com.au/


Resources for parents: http://www.recognisereactreport.com.au/parents_carers.html

Fun activities: http://www.recognisereactreport.com.au/fun.html


The Wellbeing Show

Last week, Junior School had the opportunity to enjoy the Wellbeing Show performed by Micky & Michael from Educational Incursions. The Wellbeing Show was an interactive performance which promoted positive attitudes and behaviours that students need in order to be successful academically, in social interactions with others and to generally experience happiness and wellbeing within themselves. The show highlighted; strategies for success such as being healthy, being a kind friend, developing a positive mindset and overcoming difficulties. We learnt that everyone has  A.N.Ts (Automatic Negative Thoughts) and that we can combat these by thinking of two P.E.Ts (Positive Encouraging Thoughts).  The show incorporated some hilarious comedy skits, singing alongs, guitar playing, magic tricks, science experiments and star performances by students and staff. The event was greatly enjoyed by our students and hopefully helped them to develop some strategies to increase their personal wellbeing.


Ms Fallon Wheeler

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