Junior School Garden Club

Junior School Garden Club

15 June 2017

Well, garden club has started and we have been hard at work getting the gardens behind the Junior School up and running. We have pulled out so many weeds that we are now experts at getting hold of the roots as well as the leaves!  

A few weeks ago, we planted some pea seeds and they are already producing peas. We have some tomato plants, a few lettuce and even a cabbage.

Some members of Garden Club have been collecting the scraps from our fruit breaks and placing them into the compost bins. We look forward to the lovely mulch that this will make for our gardens too. This is something that we are hoping to expand so that all classes in Junior School are contributing to our compost. Next week we will be getting some worms and so we will use the worm farms to add goodness to our garden.

If your child is interested in gardening and learning where our food comes from, we meet on Fridays at lunchtime. If you would like to see our gardens or you have some mulch or seeds at home that you would like to get rid of, then come up behind Junior School and check us out.


Ms Vicki Lowbridge

Garden Club Coordinator

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