Global conversations in the Japanese classroom

Global conversations in the Japanese classroom

8 March 2018

The Japanese classroom at Macquarie has been full of engaging and authentic learning opportunities this term across Stage 4, Stage 5 Elective Japanese and Stage 6 Japanese Beginners.

The focus of Japanese this year is to allow students to engage in authentic conversation and cultural exchange with students in Japan to foster a love of language learning and culture.

Students in Stage 4 Japanese and Stage 5 Elective Japanese have had their knowledge put to the test over the last two weeks as we start to conduct regular Skype exchanges with our sister schools. Students of Yamanoue Primary School, Okuno Primary School and Ushiku 2nd Middle School have loved practising English and Japanese with us and have already asked for more exchanges next term. This term already our students have conducted more exchanges than all of last year combined so I’m sure we will be up for the challenge!

Year 8 have fully embraced Japanese this year and have made great strides in their learning, learning to read and write hiragana in the first five weeks through a range of fun and sometimes odd activities (ask them about the Hiragana Rap Song, I dare you!) However, the fun isn’t over yet! Next week Year 8 will be making sushi.

Year 9 and 10 have left Ushiku 2nd Middle School so impressed that they want to conduct more regular Skype exchanges, make a pen-pal program and have begged us to visit them during the Japan trip!

This has been a sugoi start to the year with much more fun to come!

Dubois 先生 (Mr Sean Dubois)

LOTE Teacher


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