From the Headmaster

From the Headmaster

14 June 2017

I was speaking earlier today (14 June) at our Junior School assembly and expressed my thanks to our amazing staff and their incredible efforts in preparing our students for the Dubbo Eisteddfod. Once again Macquarie has achieved a range of outstanding results.

Of particular note is the fact that our Stage 3 Dance troupe has been invited to perform at the Grand Concert. This is a wonderful honour for our dancers and we are very proud of them. Congratulations to all of our students for their efforts. The ability to perform on stage is an important skill for our young people to have. They may not all wish to be in performances all of their life but presentations are a key part of many careers and the ability to present well is increasingly important. It was wonderful to hear the students from Stage 1 Turquoise and Stage 1 Purple sing their songs from the Eisteddfod.

Along with preparing students for Eisteddfod performances, interschool sports, photography excursions to Vivid and teaching their classes our staff are all working through the Semester 1 reports. These reports will be completed in the next few weeks with notifications being emailed out as soon as final checks are done. We will then hold Parent Teacher interviews in Term 3 on 7 and 9 August. Mr Day will release more information on this at the end of the school holidays. Reports and the parent teacher interviews will be a great opportunity to discuss with your child/children the goals they set at the beginning of 2017 and how they are moving towards achieving those goals.

We have been working with a group called FanForce to bring the movie “Screenagers” to Reading Cinemas. We have been able to acquire a screening at 7pm on 28 August. Tickets will cost $21. This movie explores the interaction between teenagers and their devices and the impact these technologies are having on their lives. It is a documentary that has been developed in the US but it has many relevant ideas for parents here in Dubbo. The link to the website for the movie is: . Tickets will go on sale from 18 July and we will need to have sold 81 tickets by 17th August for it to go ahead. We will publish more information via email during the holidays.

As we come to the end of the term I am noticing increasing numbers of families arriving at school after the morning bell. Please note that school commences at 8:50am. Mornings with children can be difficult however, first thing in the morning is a key learning time so can I respectfully request that we strive as parents to have our children here before the music commences.

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