From the Deputy Headmaster

From the Deputy Headmaster

13 June 2017

It is Eisteddfod season in Dubbo and that means it’s time to check on the spelling of that strange Welsh word once again. When trying to remember spelling I find it useful to understand how a word is composed.

In the case of Eisteddfod the word comes from the Welsh root “Eistedd” meaning “sit” and “bod” meaning “be”. So an Eisteddfod is where a group takes their seat, where a festival of literature, music and performance is in session. An Eisteddfod is a competition and it is a chance to perform or to be entertained.

It takes both courage and preparation to perform at an Eisteddfod and so I give my congratulations to all those who have participated and continue to participate in the Eisteddfod. I have heard of some excellent results in the Eisteddfod so far from our students this year in speaking, reading, acting and singing. Performance with musical instruments is yet to come at this year’s Eisteddfod and I wish those participants all the best.

If you would like to get a sample of what the adjudicators have declared to be the outstanding competitors (solo, duo and group) across the four disciplines of vocal & choral, speech & drama, dance and instrumental, the Grand Concert of the Eisteddfod will be on Sunday 25 of June at 3pm at the DRTCC. You will be sure to see a number of students from Macquarie performing and I look forward to seeing these talented stars shine.

Many thanks go to our dedicated staff who have worked with our students to present polished performances at the Eisteddfod: Mrs Rathbone and Mrs Lowbridge for Infants Percussion; Mrs Heggie & Mrs Garner for Stage 1 Choral; Mrs Jones, Mrs Munge and Mrs Webster for Stage 2 Verse Speaking; Mrs Hurford, Mrs Marshall and Ms Stevenson for Stage 3 Verse Speaking and Solo Speeches; Ms Bell and Ms Wheeler for Kindy Dance; Mrs Jones and Mrs Munge for Stage 2,3 & 4 Girls Dance; and Mrs Marshall for Stage 6 Drama. In keeping with the Welsh theme I must now say "Hwyl fawr am nawr!"

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