From the Head of Junior School

From the Head of Junior School

23 March 2017

As we rapidly approach the final week of Term One, I have been reflecting on some of the wonderful events and achievements that have taken place so far in a year that feels as though it has only just begun. From individual student achievements to broader school events, there has been no shortage of progress.

Grandparents' Day is always a wonderful time for the Macquarie community and last Friday was no exception. Honouring the grandparents and other special family members that make up a vital part of the support network for our students was a true privilege. The pride on the faces of students as they gave their visitors a glimpse into school life was truly heart-warming.


Earlier in the term we enjoyed a highly successful swimming carnival in which the Macquarie school spirit was in full swing. I have remarked countless times that the comradery and encouragement shared between our Junior School students and the community was a fantastic reflection on all involved.

Perhaps the most inspiring of all are the individual student achievements occurring each day. Just yesterday I heard a student excitedly exclaiming, as they got into the car in the afternoon, that they had lifted their comprehension performance from the bottom of the class to near the top. Those are some of the most significant moments of all.

As we wade through the pressures and expectations of daily life, it can be difficult to find the time to reflect on the positives of a fast finishing term, but it is an exercise well worth pursuing. We truly have a wonderful group of students, a highly supportive school community, and a professional and dedicated staff. I want to take this moment to thank you for the positive contribution you are making to our great school.


Tim Chalmers

Head of Junior School

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