From the Deputy Headmaster: Term 3 Week 2

From the Deputy Headmaster: Term 3 Week 2

By Admin on 2 August 2017

Last week during assembly I spoke with students about goal-setting for Term 3 and, in particular, how their reports could act as a springboard for this. I asked for a show of hands in answer to the question “who was happy with their report?” Of those students who did not raise their hands, some were unhappy with results and others would have liked to have been selected for more levels in co-curricular activities, for example swimming.

I gave some personal insight into what a parent may look for in their child’s report. Put simply, I said that parents want to know “Is my child making a good effort and are they behaving themselves?” Of course, parents are concerned with progress in learning and the development of communication, organisation, ICT, fine and gross motor skills. As a parent I am happy if my children are really engaging with their learning and participating positively at school.

As I read through student reports last term, I could see that there was much to celebrate. Teachers very often commented about the fine participation and achievements of students. I also found that teachers were consistent in making recommendations for further improvement. It is these recommendations that I encouraged the students to use as a part of their goal setting in Term 3.

Parent Teacher Interviews are on Monday 7 August and Wednesday 9 August from 3:40pm – 8:40 pm in the Henderson Hall. All parents/carers have been emailed a code and a set of instructions to book a time with teachers on these evenings. These bookings will be compiled on Thursday 3 August and interview times will be then be available on the edval website. Prior to interviews, parents may wish to refer to student reports from Semester 1, which are available on the Parent Portal. If you have any questions regarding reports or Parent Teacher Interviews, please contact me via .

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