From the Deputy Headmaster - Week 6 Term 1

From the Deputy Headmaster - Week 6 Term 1

7 March 2017

Student Leadership

With Year 12 moving closer to the end of their schooling at Macquarie, it is time to raise up a new team of Senior School Leaders. This week I shared with our Year 11 cohort some key points to consider about leadership.

  1. Being a leader is not restricted to those who have a particular title or office. Anyone can be a leader by planning and working for a better world and offering themselves in service to achieve that goal. Usually this would involve working with and inspiring others.
  2. Some of the qualities that good leaders have include: trustworthiness, honesty, reliability, open-mindedness, approachability, good listening skills, proactive, commitment, compassionate, strong moral values, community spirit and positivity.
  3. Some of the skills that good leaders have include: good communication, team-worker, problem-solver, resourceful, cooperative, resilient, inspirational, able to speak well in public, well organised, can work to deadlines and technology-savvy.
  4. Leadership has a personal cost borne out in service to others but there are benefits to be gained at the same time. Personal growth is certainly one of these, as is the satisfaction that is gained from helping others and the skills that are developed from organising events. School leaders can also benefit from gaining a strong reference to use in employment applications or for entry into post-school courses.

This week Year 11 students are carefully considering putting themselves forward for the role of Prefect at Macquarie. This role will involve them giving up a significant amount of their time in service as well as taking on a number of important responsibilities. I encourage them to consider the Christian view of leadership as demonstrated by our Lord Jesus who was a role model of Servant Leadership. I pray that God might raise up strong leaders in our school.

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