From the Deputy Headmaster - Senior School

From the Deputy Headmaster - Senior School

By Admin on 13 December 2018

It is hard to believe another year has come and gone and as we farewell 2018 the future looks bright for our graduating students and those continuing into 2019. 

Throughout 2018 we have been working with our student body and staff to create an environment that is engaging, safe and supportive providing each child in our care with opportunities to be the best possible version of themselves.

Many of our 2018 HSC cohort have already succeeded in taking the next steps toward their future goals following the announcement of first round SRS university offers. From teaching, sciences and stock and station agents to construction management and international business students are ready to take the next steps into the world and we wish them all the best over the coming week with the HSC and ATAR’s being released.

After a very busy year with some unforeseen changes to staffing it has been uplifting to see our staff and students come together for the end of year Interest Based Electives Program over the last few weeks. Over the past 3 years this program has become significant in building skills, knowledge and relationships post exams with continued growth in offerings, 19 course for 2018. Whether rebuilding a car, solving problems in escape room, competing in a triathlon, dancing up a storm or cooking for the championship students work with their peers across the year groups sharing experiences and learning in a project based environment.

In 2019 we look forward to the continued support of the Macquarie Community as we continue building a positive culture with the introduction of boarding, the Stage 5 Skills and Service program and our first cohort undertaking the new HSC syllabus in English, History and Mathematics. Our growth will see a number of new staff joining us for the new year and expansion of the offerings for our Preliminary year group. Our 2019 student leaders along with our wellbeing staff will be introducing new leadership opportunities for students in the senior school to encourage all students to be active members of the school community.

We thank Miss Marshall and Miss Crombie for their outstanding contributions to the senior school and wish them all the best in the future. Mrs Parkes will have a busy Christmas and New Year period as she prepares for the birth of her first child which will see her take some time off for 2019.

We wish all of our families a happy and safe new year.

Mr Simon Murphy

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