Export Quality Lamb Packs Auction For A Great Cause

Export Quality Lamb Packs Auction For A Great Cause

29 June 2017

UPDATE: The lamb packs have been delivered to the winning bidders. Thank you to our school community for supporting a very worthwhile project.

An online auction recently took place via www.nicolaauction.com/bid.php. Packs consisted of a whole lamb less trimmings, neck, flaps etc, vacuum packed and boxed. The lambs were delivered to Macquarie on Tuesday 4 July. 

Nicola Millar aims to ‘make a dent’ through a creative fundraiser.

Stage 3 Peach have been tasked with creating a ‘dent’ project – one of their own choosing, that will allow them to explore what they are interested in. The idea is based on Google’s practice of allowing its employees to spend 20% of their time to work on any project that they choose and Steve Jobs’ mantra “Let’s make a dent in the universe”.

Year 6 student Nicola Millar is creating a project that will support a Cambodian charity, Cows for Cambodia. Nicola has been researching Cambodia, the poverty line, cattle breeding, and trying to answer her 'ungoogleable' question: "How many cows does it take to feed Cambodia and bring them above the poverty line". The charity, Cows for Cambodia, places a cow with an impoverished family, asks them to look after the cow and assists them with feed and veterinary care.  When the cow calves, the family may keep the offspring and either breed from a female calf or sell a male calf, providing them with income for a year.  

As part of her project, Nicola is trying to raise enough money to purchase at least one cow for the charity to use.  Nicola has been growing lambs on her family property and soon the lambs will be sent to Fletcher International Exports for slaughter and packaging.  An online auction will then be held offering the school community the opportunity to purchase the export quality vacuum packs. Each pack will contain the cuts from one lamb as pictured.  A reserve will be placed on each pack of $220 and fierce bidding competition is expected due to current supermarket pricing. Because each cut is vacuum packed it will last for weeks in the fridge or can be frozen. Bidders could bid on a pack with another family and split the cost.

"Can I give a huge thank you to Mr Knaggs at Elders Dubbo for finding us the lambs to buy, Mr Fletcher, Mr Mitchell and the team at Fletcher International for all their advice and for slaughtering and packaging the meat free of charge. Also thank you Miss Fahey for your help with the school news, Mr Wilcher for assisting with the online auction and Mrs Hurford, my teacher." said Nicola.

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