Drama News

Drama News

4 April 2018

Our school musical “Shrek JR” is back up and rehearsing now with new show dates set down for Week 2 of Term 3. Thankyou to the students for your patience this term.

The new rehearsal schedule is in place and you will see the show gathering momentum during Term 2. Students seem to be excited that we are now properly working once again towards this goal. This Friday will see all the cast join together in Periods 5 and 6 for a rehearsal before the holiday break.

Students in the cast and their parents should have received the new information via email. It can also be found on the Shrek Canvas page along with the soundtrack and script. The new permission notes need to be returned before the end of Term 1 please. Please be sure to check the new show dates (3 and 4 August) and place these into your calendars. It would be great if students returned from the holidays with songs and words mostly learnt so we can make the most of the rehearsal period next term. Dancing and moving whilst singing takes practice!

Year 12 Drama assessments this term were very well presented. A large group of our students participated in an afternoon workshop where Katie Powell, Phoebe Jones and Libby Foster instructed them through the practice and philosophy of 2 theatre practitioners, Augusto Boal and Jacques Lecoq. It was a wonderful workshop of Drama and the Year 12 girls did a great job. Thanks to the enthusiastic students who helped them out. The Year 12 girls will now turn their knowledge and experience of this into an essay response.

Year 7 Drama students have been learning about characters for their first experience of performing in front of their peers in the new Year 7 Drama course. Overcoming some nerves and reflecting on the “hot seating” of their character in their Drama lessons has been their task for the end of Term 1. It has proved to be entertaining even though it is only very early days! We hope that students will have some fun playbuilding with some of their ideas later in Term 2.

Stages 1, 2 and 3 Drama are also looking at characterisations and working on their “acting and presenting” skills – improvising ideas that will eventually lead into ideas for performance work. Stage 1 are looking at animals and what they need to be safe, Stage 2 are looking at reporting the news and other stories and Stage 3 are playing with ideas about fairytales. It will be great to see how these units develop as the students increase their communication and acting skills and work collaboratively with others.

I look forward to seeing our school production find its energy and life throughout next term. Please book in the weekend of 3 and 4 August (Week 2 Term 3) so you can join us in the audience to support our wonderful students at Macquarie.


Julia Marshall

Drama Teacher

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