Debating teams join in HICES competition

Debating teams join in HICES competition

15 June 2017

In 2017 Macquarie Anglican Grammar joined the HICES debating competition, with two teams from Years 9 -12.

The commitment from the students involved has been exceptional as the competition involved travelling to Bathurst, Orange and Wentworth Falls in the Blue Mountains to compete against other independent schools.

The Year 9 team consisted of Wusulu Yamba, Erin Barclay, Isabella Tipping, Willis Olney, Emma Doherty and Boudicea Blatch.

The Year 11/12 team consisted of: Vimbai Chitsunge, Felicity McLeod, George Caldin, Phoebe Jones, Shray Sinha and Katie Powell.

The teams competed in three of the four rounds and certainly learnt much from their experiences despite the losses.

Topics ranged from “That English should not be a compulsory subject in the senior years of high school” to “That animal testing should be banned”.

Congratulations to the students for being involved in this co-curricular program. It is hoped that they continue to debate for Macquarie next year, and that even more students will become involved and join this exciting and stimulating program.

Thanks also goes to our bus drivers that ferried us around the countryside, Mr Michael McIntosh and Mrs Kristy McDermott.


Ms Inala Childs

Debating Coordinator

Category: Academic