Dance groups shine in Eisteddfod

Dance groups shine in Eisteddfod

15 June 2017

Over Terms 1 and 2 the dance groups have been working extremely hard to develop and refine our dances for the Dubbo Eisteddfod. Stage 2 performed ‘Best Summer Ever’ from the Teen Beach Movie which was choreographed by Chelsea Munge and Ella Jones. 

Stage 3 performed ‘It’s A Hard Knock Life’ from Annie, choreographed by Ella Jones. The Stage 4 dance was choreographed by Chelsea Munge and was based upon Madonna’s ‘Now I’m Following You’ and a Bee Gees remix of ‘You Should Be Dancing’. All groups performed exceptionally well and we achieved some amazing results with Stage 2 achieving 3rd place, Stage 4 awarded 2nd and Stage 3 awarded 1st place! The Stage 3 performance has been selected to perform at the Eisteddfod Grand Concert on Sunday 25 June 2017.

Stage 2 Report by Olivia and Caitlin

On Thursday the Stage Two girls went to Eisteddfod for dance. We went to the theatre and were allowed to go in and watch other groups. When it came time for our dance, we got up on stage and did our dance. All of the other dances in our section were good. When it got to the announcement we all became very excited! We got 3rd place! We would like to say a big thank you to Mrs Munge and Mrs Jones and the girls in Senior School for organising the dance. We would also like to thank Mr Wilcher for driving us to the Eisteddfod.

Stage 3 Report by Laura Wilcher and Lili Sargeant

On Thursday 8th of June, the Stage 3 Dance group went to the Dubbo Eisteddfod to compete. We dressed up as dirty, forgotten orphans. We danced to the song ‘Hard Knock Life’ from the movie ‘Annie’. We placed first and were chosen to perform in the Dubbo Eisteddfod Grand Concert. Mr Wilcher drove us to the DRTCC in the MAGS school bus. We rocked it! We would like to thank Mrs Jones and Mrs Munge for organising the dance, Ella Jones for choreographing the dance and Mr Wilcher for driving the bus.

Stage 4 Report

Seventeen Stage 4 students participated in the dance group throughout Term 1 and 2. The performance at the Eisteddfod was outstanding and the hard work of all students shone on stage. It is hoped that the dance group will continue throughout the year and we’ll explore a range of dance styles.

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